Dstar -- Multiplayer space wars game

A 1986 classic returns

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Dstar is a simple 3-d multiplayer first-person-shooter space wars game that runs over the local network. Players shoot each other with lasers and missiles. Originally written in 1986 for Sun workstations, it has been ported to Linux/OpenGL.

The .rpm package was built under Redhat 7 and has been tested on Redhat 7 and 9.

The .rpm package contains the main game executable and a robot program that can be used for target practice and testing. The package is very compact (these screen shots occupy more disk space than the .rpm).

A picture is worth a thousand words*, so here are a few screenshots.

Radar lock
Missile away

Dstar is out of date visually compared to modern 3d games, but the game play is still a lot of fun. It's posted here for historical reasons as much as anything else. If anybody would like to tinker with it, feel free, and I'll probably accept your changes or even just give you straight CVS write access. I don't anticipate doing any more work myself.


(*Unfortunately, it takes up the bandwidth of ten thousand words.)